Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 - Prepping The Foundation

We had a blast in the 305 BST/CAT Sprint Car Alliance last year! It's giving us motivation and excitement about 2016. After starting from scratch in our new 305 car, we had a big learning curve to traverse. The late season success of 2015 has given us momentum to carry into 2016.

We began preparing our promotional plan for the year. April created our promo cards which is a personal approach and hope that is highlights the great marking opportunities that we offer. The fact that we race in a Colorado series is enticing to many local companies.
This winter our main focus this year has been to become more efficient with time and area at the race track, so we cleaned out and organized the entire race trailer and race shop. We feel as a small team, we need to be as efficient and orderly as possible which will make our pit area more productive which will carry out onto the track. Justin feels that less stress in the pits, offers more focus in the race car.

We're also excited to now have a local race parts dealer Hathaway Performance and enjoyed their open house.

Justin took some time this month to travel to EMI in Lincoln Nebraska to further his education with chassis setup. He was thrilled with the knowledge that Eagle shared with him and is eager to apply to the upcoming season. It was also fun to visit Speedway Motors and to find some killer deals.

Looking forward to the new season and excited about the sponsorship opportunities!

2015 Race Results

305 BST Sprint Car Tour Results

Finished 5th in points out of 30 cars.

October 10th~ El Paso County Speedway (Calhan, CO) ---2nd, almost had 1st!

September 12th~ Lamar Speedway (Lamar, CO) --- 11th

August 29th ~ I-76 Speedway (Fort Morgan, CO) --- DNF

August 14th ~ Colorado Motorsports Park (Byers, CO) --- 6th

July 25th~ El Paso County Speedway (Calhan, CO) ---15th

July 11th~ I-76 Speedway (Fort Morgan, CO) ---Canceled

July 4th~ El Paso County Speedway (Calhan, CO) ---6th

July 3rd~ Colorado Motorsports Park (Byers, CO) ---10th

June 6th~ I-76 Speedway (Fort Morgan, CO) ---Rain Out

May 30 ~ Philips County Raceway (Holyoke, CO) --- 15th

May 29 ~ Philips County Raceway (Holyoke, CO) --- 15th

May 16th~ El Paso County Speedway (Calhan, CO) ---Rain Out

April 18th~ El Paso County Speedway (Calhan, CO) ---7th

360 Sprint Car Frontier Region Results

August 3rd ~ Valentine Speedway (Glen Rock, WY) --- 8th

August 2nd ~ Valentine Speedway (Glen Rock, WY) --- DNF