Friday, March 27, 2009

Off Season Update

It’s been nice to calm down after a season of none-stop action and learning. We’ve had an enjoyable break with family and friends. We also were able to catch up on house projects including our new railing for the front of the house.

At the end of the 2008 race season we completely disassembled the race car. We shipped the engine off to have it freshened up. The car now has a new paint job! We wanted a brighter paint scheme so we went with a bright lime green and wrx blue. It looks sweet!

During this off season we have been blessed with some new sponsors. One of them is includes AMP Graphics who is supplying the vinyls for the car and rig. God also brought us an amazing sponsor that offered to buy us a backup car. These guys are thrilled about our story and want to be a part of our journey. They are part of the catalysts to this season and we are very thankful for their enthusiasm and support. Special thanks to the After God’s own Heart Group who has contributed to 2009 racing fund and has been faithful in prayer and support.

We also put on a car show for Dale’s Paint who is one of our most loyal sponsors. This year they have supplyed the paint for the cars as well as covering the vinyl costs. The business owner’s benefit greatly from these shows because of the amount of people it draws in. The sprint car attracts a lot of attention sitting out front of business locations. The go-kart in this picture is where my career started when I was 12 years old.

My dad and I attended a sprint car racing seminar and gained a great amount of knowledge. We look forward to applying it this season. I also have been studying up on my marketing program and have started to apply the knowledge that I have gained from our IronWolf advertising.

This winter we also spent a good amount of time upgrading the racing rig. Much to April’s delight, the bathroom is now complete with a shower, sink and toilet. No more porta-potties! We also added a fold-down kitchen table and bench seats in the living quarters. We are now completely self contained and no longer will need to travel to a rv park after a long night of racing. In the back workshop area we’ve reorganized and have place for spare parts that we’ve been stockpiling. This came in handy after the swap meets that we attended. We built a tire-rack for the top of the travel which will give us more room inside.