Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Justin Wolf Medlock Website!!

We've launched our new website!
It is more up to date, interactive and super cool. We even have a new logo to represent the new image of Justin Wolf Medlock. Sponsors can now enjoy the promotion that they'll receive throughout the site. There is even a merchandise page and videos for everyone to follow.

After over a year of recovering, healing and putting the team back together...we are looking forward to getting back on the track. Our new rig will allow the team to be more efficient on the road and at the race track. Justin the crew are pleased with the equipment and the way everything has come together after a long off season. More than anything, Justin is thrilled to finally get back in the race car.

You can follow us here for detailed blogging of our life on the road, the adventures at the track and Justin's current race stats.
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We look forward to burning it up out there!