Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 - Back In The Saddle Again!

It's been awhile since we've updated this blog because 2014 was a bust since we blew an engine the first race of the season. So we  spent the rest of 2014 rebuilding and planning 2015. But we have good news and would like you to meet the new addition to the race car family...

One of the biggest changes for this year was to invest in a 305 Sprint Car! A new division opened up in Colorado which was exciting for us with the opportunity for local sponsors and nearby tracks. We had some learning to do and found a great engine builder right here in the Springs...McCabe Motorsports. They built an awesome engine for us and we created a new car.

We've only completed a few races this year due to all of the rain. There is a new learning curve with these cars. Even  though they are basically the same frame, wings, etc...the engine is smaller and handles differently. "Not as much horsepower to pull'ya outta the corners!" says Justin. They also overheat easy, which caught us off guard in Holyoak, CO when Justin was gaining on lead cars and was hooked up. His car overheated and he had to pull off the track. Huge bummer!

The 305 events don't have push cars like the 360 events do, so the crews have to use their ATV's to fire off the cars. So April quickly learned how to push Justin out onto the track...which is always an adventure. Like the time when the track guys over-watered the staging area and April (plus her niece who was riding along) got spattered in mud! Dirt Girlz Rule!!

We are also excited to be hanging with friends who we raced with back before the accident. These people are super fun to hang out and race with so we are thrilled to be back in their community.

We still plan to run some 360 events and may work them into a 305 weekend. We look forward to seeing what God does this year and are just happy to be out there again after so much time of rebuilding and healing. Make sure you check out our 305 schedule and come cheer us on at a local track!!