Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shadow Racing Farewell...Godspeed

Don't look back...always forward to the next journey. 

This is a difficult blog to write considering it's the last blog entry from Shadow Racing Team. After much consideration...we have decided that it's time for us to retire from full time racing. This has been a difficult decision as it's been a dream that has been chased since Justin was 9 years old. We know that this will come as a shock to many people but God has called us to a different road and we are extremely excited to pursue new dreams and passions.

What a journey! From humble beginnings of championship go-kart racing with the race kart strapped to the top of the wagon. Running a limited funded 360 team that made it to almost every race in the ASCS Rocky Mountain division and many National Sprint Races across the country along with local racing with the 305s. And of coarse running with the World of Outlaws! We feel that we have reached so many amazing goals, some that many people only dream about.

The opportunities that racing has given to us have been more amazing than we have ever dreamed. Racing is something that cannot be explained, only experienced. We have been able to travel the country, explore different race tracks, and meet awesome people which created some great friendships. We have enjoyed family involvement and sponsors believing in us. We will miss hanging with everyone at the tracks, that late nights of racing together but mostly the racing community that cannot be found anywhere else. The memories are endless and so very treasured.

Remember to ENJOY racing! Don't let the competition make you jaded, don't let promoters try to make you choose  sides. Don't together to make racing united, rewarding and fun for promoters, track owners, racers and fans. Don't forget the passion which racing stirs within your hearts and those of the people sitting in the stands. Fling some mud, make some friends and hammer down!

We will miss racing and everyone so very much. Please keep in touch.

As this garage door closes...many others are opening...Godspeed

"Don't Look Back!"
...05 Signing Off...

Shadow Racing Team Farewell Video

Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016 Race Season Recap

Awesome Race Season!

We started off our 2016 season by putting in much preparation and time during our off season. Justin went to chassis school and learned a lot about setup which prepared him to be a better driver by having a deeper understanding of how the car functioned by design. Learning his dry-slick set up was crucial for the 2016 success. This gave him a new drive which boosted his confidence in the team and his own abilities as a driver.

Justin's crew chief - AKA: Dad was the driving force to help Justin become a better driver. Hank always challenges himself and Justin to understand the track and car better while becoming better communicators. Justin's mom always keeps us fed and the race rig cleaned up and organized. Justin's wife is his backbone, prayer warrior, always thrilled to race, ready to jump in the pushrzr and not afraid to get dirty.  April's niece Hailee and nephew Jaedon were always there to help out and cheer on the 05. Brandon helped out, not only in the pits but also as our motorsports marketing representative. He proved to be incredibly helpful and motivating with encouragement and support that he has given us from our first sprint car racing days. The Shadow Racing Team rocks!

This season offered many opportunities and races with the 305 divisions in Colorado. Justin set out at the beginning of this season to gain seat time and grab his first sprint win. We were more determined than ever to reach success and were thrilled to be able to offer partnerships with local sponsors. Justin won many heat races, almost always finished in the top 5 cars, taking many 2nd places and then in July he won his first A feature! He then earned a track championship, 3rd place in the BST championship, and 3rd in the URSS West Series.

The opportunity to run with the World of Outlaws was amazing! We put together a 360 package and were able to race with the superstars of our sport at our home track here in Colorado. It was a dream come true to contend and even be competitive with the best in the world. It will be a memory that will be treasured forever.

We would not have been able to complete this season without the support of our sponsors, family and friends. You all have made this one of the most incredible years that we have experienced and we cannot express our gratitude enough.