Friday, July 17, 2015

Awesome 305 Race Community

This 305 race season has been great so far. There has been a lot of learning since we have discovered there is a major difference from 360 to 305 in setup along with how the tracks are prepped. Justin has had to learn how to drive with less horsepower along with dealing with tracks that are super dry. Justin has had consistent finishes and is improving every race.

We have had a great time building relationship with this community and it reminds us of our early 360 days where people still laughed together. We were even racing with some of these people back then and they are happy to see us back at it after our accident. People are shocked that we have not given up and they are very supportive of our return.

It has also been wonderful to race in Colorado! The shorter drives are so nice but it's even better that we have the opportunity to build a local fan base and have the support of local sponsors.

Special thanks to our new sponsors, Made in the Shade Blinds!
Also to Scott with The Huger Group Real Estate.

Both are local to Colorado Springs and offer wonderful business to Colorado so please support them and check them out! And as always, a shout out to continuous sponsors including IronWolf Designs, Dale's Paint and JBlanco.

The travel has been nice with only one upset while driving through Denver. Thanks to a motorcycle driver waving us down, we found out that we had blown the middle tire of the trailer so we had to pull over to change that. And then just miles from home there was an explosion that sounded like a bomb went off which turned out to be a semi tire blowing. Wow, that was loud! Thankfully there are 7 other tires to compensate so we could get home.

Racing is always an adventure and this family loves every minute of it! We've also have a new pit crew member, Hailee (April’s niece), who is now a huge racing fan. She never misses a race and is a great help on the crew and has also learned to drive the atv.

We will be racing in Calhan County Fair on July 25th and we also plan to have a 360 weekend in Wyoming at the end of the month so keep an eye out for us.