Monday, July 27, 2009

Dodge City, Kansas

We’ve decided to branch out of our ASCS circuit and compete with the Kansas NCRA series. We raced just one Saturday night and enjoyed the fact that these cities are closer to home. It also opened up the opportunity to get some seat time and run against a different group of drivers. Justin started his heat race outside pole and was doing good but had problems holding the third position due to issues with the helmet’s tear-offs and being off on the gearing. Justin ran the B, starting second row outside but again had problems with the tear offs which made him not be able to see. He finished 10th in the B which started him at very back of the pack for the A main against 22 cars.

Getting Justin ready...

It ended up being a crazy race due to rough mud and aggressive drivers. Within the first 5 laps there were several spinouts and a red-flag due to a big crash. This became the norm for the evening as about every three laps there were major wrecks which Justin avoided beautifully. As crazy cars took themselves out and Justin stayed cool, he climbed and finished 13th for the night.
This race taught him how to maneuver quickly thanks to insane pit drivers. He almost collided with the pace truck that was not watching when he was pushed onto the track. He also had trouble with his throttle getting stuck and while zipping back to the rig, he annoyed a guy on his atv who wanted to start a fight because he thought Justin should slow down his car that was out of control. Considering all the track mishaps, wrecks and issues we are thrilled with our finish and end results.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nebraska Weekend

A little late but an update from us both.

From Justin:
Well, what a weekend! We arrived in Greenwood, Nebraska on Thursday night to race on the fastest track I've ever seen or raced on. The term "crazy fast,"…this was that place. We unloaded the car and tried to start it and it wouldn't start. The fuel shut off valve came apart in my hand. We rebuilt the valve and then it fired up as I went out on the track for mud packing. My pill draw for the race was inside front row for my heat race. I got an amazing start and was leading the first two laps, then a caution. Restarted and I was entering into turn one and through turn two, my right front tire jumped the cushion and I went rolling down the back stretch. My car rolled twice in the air and came down on the top wing. They scraped my car up off the track and brought it into my pit stall. Our night was over, but we rebuilt the entire car suspension that night at the track. We headed out for the next track and got rained out. From there we headed to Calhan, Colorado to get rained out as well.
From April:
Three days of racing has wiped us out! Justin’s first night out in Nebraska had some highs and lows. This speedway is massive and the teams actually pit INSIDE of the track. The photo at the top shows how the rigs sit inside the raceways. Crazy cool! We had to stand on top of the rigs to see the events. Justin was doing amazing but ended up rolling. The top wing was crushed and several bars broken. He was ok and his angels kept him safe. It didn’t even really shake him up too bad which shows that this is his calling. :o) This is the kind of wreck that every driver needs to face to see if they truly have what it takes. We had a good friend of Justin’s find a new wing for us for at a good price and helped us put the car back together again.
The next night we were ready to race at a different track but it got totally rained out. So much rain that the rigs had to be towed out of the pits. We drove back home to make our first race at a local track in Calhan, CO. But that one also got rained out. Lots of mud, drenched clothes and soggy shoes this weekend. Bummer!
Special thanks to our good friend Tim O'Neil who took these amazing photos of Justin at Greenwood. You can check out more of his photos at his website.