Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/4/2016 - 305 - 4th of July - American Dirt

We had big plans for this 4th of July weekend. We wanted to take both the 305 and 360 race cars down to Dodge City, KS and compete with the big boys. It would have been a blast but unfortunately we were not able to make it because we had a sponsor back out at the last minute but to make matters worse...this happened on the way home last weekend. The entire trailer tire and wheel were gone we we got home. We had to order parts and put it back together to just make it to the race in Calhan at El Paso County Speedway on the 4th. 

The weather was gorgeous and Justin was ready to back out on the track after his addictive win last weekend. It was great having momentum to carry into this race and as always it's awesome to race at our home track with many fans to cheer us on. We had over 40 people who had specifically come to cheer the #05 and celebrate July 4th with us. 

Special thanks to our good friends who joined us in the pits. We were honored to have Dennis with us as he brought past sprint car wisdom with him from his early days of dirt track pitting. He was eager to get his hands on the 05 and was extremely helpful  to the team. 
We qualified 3rd in our heat race which after invert, placed us 2nd row inside for the feature. The team knew right away that this was going to be extreme dry slick conditions. We made many changes to the car after the heat, knowing that it was going to be super slick. 

At the drop of the main event green flag, Justin was on a mission! Happy with the handling of the car...it was hammer down. The 05 quickly gained and fought within the top 3 positions while passing and battling for the 2nd place position. Even after a few cautions, he was able to maintain and secure 2nd place. He fought hard for 1st place but the 49 car had just a bit more drive. Justin was thrilled with gaining more knowledge about dry slick conditions and looks forward to his next race.
Happy Independence Day Everyone!
We are honored to live in a country where chasing your dreams is possible!
Proud to be an American!