Monday, June 27, 2016

305 - Byers: Back2Back Races - Resurrected Dreams

Saturday night was full of dreams come true! Colorado MotorSports Park held two back2back races since one was a rain out reschedule. Justin qualified for the pole a few weeks ago right before a storm came in so the first race started with that line up for the main feature.

Justin was on a mission from the drop of the green flag, speeding down the straightaway. He was a rocket, smoothly handling the corners, it was quickly noticed that he was car to beat as he dominated the track. He navigated lap traffic beautifully, while aggressively taking over half the field.

A red flag came out when there was 5 laps remaining with two cars getting tangled up. Everyone was then set up for the green, white, checker which was incredibly heart pounding since the cars were all put back together again for a restart.  Justin had a great restart and held his position which gave him has very first sprint car win!

This win is so meaningful to us as this journey, although exciting and adventurous, has been full of battles, frustration, disasters and hardships. It's taken us many years to make it to this point...sometimes wondering if we'd even race again after our accident. Many events were race by race, waiting on sponsorship and for God to provide.

It's such an amazing feeling to sit in victory lane and celebrate with the team and the fans. Justin's excitement was contagious and everyone was thrilled for him. It was so cool that we even had our friend Brandon with us who was at our very first sprint race and then got to celebrate the first win also.

Happy to have had this win on Colorado turf...represent! Big thanks to Colorado Motorsports Park for their commitment to bringing sprint cars back to Colorado and creating a great dirt track and fun for the fans.

Deep thanks to our sponsors: To God be the Glory, IronWolf Designs, Made in the Shade, Huger Reality, and Dales Paint for supporting us. Also to our families, especially Justin's parents who have supported him from go-kart days and are at every race along with Justin's brother Nick and the Wolf family and we can't forget our pit girl, Hailee.

From April: Watching Justin grow in experience, knowledge and confidence in this crazy race world has been amazing. We have been through so many adventures together, even extreme loss and pain. I can't imagine walking this world with anyone other than him. I'm proud to be by his side as these moments unfold. I was thrilled to watch him shout for joy and must agree with Martin Truex Jr's girlfriend Sherry Pollex, when she said this...

..."God was building his character to win a big one, and this was huge for us and our hometown and our family. ... We’ve been through so much. This is just the icing on the cake.”
Thanks be to God for building character in us.  Under of the Shadow of His wings!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

305 – Calhan BST Race – Spin Me Right Round

We always enjoy racing at El Paso County Raceway since it’s our home track. We love the fans that come out to cheer us on and the friends who enjoy and support not only our love of racing but also IronWolf.

Justin was interviewed by the new country station Country 107.3, and made sure to plug the dirt track and the 305 racing that has returned to Colorado.

April’s nephew loves our RZR and has a blast helping out as pit crew for the team. AKA…Mud Scraper and assistant push car passenger.

Moving forward Justin hopes to see the “2 spin rule” go into effect for not only safety reasons but also it makes for better racing for the fans. Justin made many clean passes battling for the top 3-4 cars but the event had over nine cautions which caused many restarts so he would lose the position he just gained because another caution was thrown. But Justin loves the new track surface that Joe Bellum and the fairgrounds have invested in. It was so much fun to go full throttle through turns 1 & 2. He can’t wait to get back there on July 4th

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

305 I-76 Speedway - Choose your battles wisely

I-76 Speedway has always been a favorite local track that Justin has enjoyed a lot of success in his karting days. The day started off great with Justin finishing 3rd in his heat which after inversion, qualified him  for inside pole!

While we were in staging for the main event, the lightning sprints were out and there was a horrible wreck which required emergency response teams. They had to cut the driver out of the car and rush him to the hospital. We know what it's like to have hospital bills overwhelm you, so if you can please donate towards his massive hospitals bills...Click HERE.

Meanwhile the 305 cars sat in staging...engines cooling, track changing and the crash danger settling in driver's minds. They finally got going about an hour later. Justin battled for position in the top 3 cars for about half the race when on turn 2, he charged the corner too hard and spun himself out. Several cars were able to avoid him except for one that ran into the front of the 05, which caused the other driver's own tire to be sliced down. Justin had to start at the back of the pack because of the spin rule but his front wing had been knocked sideways which made the car extremely loose on a very greasy track. He managed to salvage a top ten finish.

As Justin was looking over the damage of his car, he was incredibly upset and blamed himself for destroying a great opportunity for a win. Shadow Racing Team has faced many obstacles from bad set up, to being wrecked, to stuff breaking but it was frustrating to take himself out. To add salt to wounds, the crew of the driver that ran into Justin came to our pit stall, yelling and accusing Justin of taking out their driver. Foul language, threats and degrading remarks towards Justin's wife made it tough to stay calm but Justin held his cool. After being angry at himself and then being falsely accused, we all felt completely discouraged.

Justin will admit that he wanted to jack the guy up but it was obviously not worth it and communication was a lost cause so it was time to turn his back to the issue. What kind of example are were setting for those around us when grown adults are yelling at each other?

We are not going to let this night weaken our passion for this sport and will put this behind us and move forward. We have had a lot of consistency in our qualifying efforts and plan to focus more on our main event preparation.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mud Festival in Byers

As many of you now know, life with us is always an adventure. As we prepared for racing Colorado Motorsports Parkway we had to take the semi truck for emissions and had not yet hooked it back up to the trailer. The trailer was sitting out on the property, up on steel plates and we hear this metal crunching noise. Running out to see...the trailer had crushed through the plates and sank into the soft ground. It took us hours, lots of metal and wood plus much creativity to level it out. Funny thing is while we were out there struggling, some guy running for governor drove over to offer encouragement and a flyer...Seriously?!

We made it to the track safe and shortly after we unloaded, we hear a loud popping noise only to discover that a trailer tire valve stem had blown out. Thankfully, Brian Hardman and Brad Wasson came to the rescue with an air-jack and impact driver and had the spare in place NASCAR pit crew style.

Justin started in the second heat, 3rd row inside and after battling through the field, took 2nd. We were excited to see he qualified for the outside pole only to see massive dark clouds come out of nowhere. Everything was instantly drenched and the track became a mud pit.

Amazing double rainbow of the Shadow Racing EMI 305

After much kicking and screaming, the drivers got back in their cars to try and roll in the track. Hailee and April were soon covered in mud while pushing not only Justin but many other stuck drivers. They had a blast after the first initial shock of cold mud in the face from those fat Hoosiers. Not the mud facial that April had in mind.

After about and hour, the track officials decided to call it a night. The mud won that night but the race has been rescheduled for a double header on the June 25th.

We had a blast with Justin's brother Nick who was out for a visit. Nick has always been one of Justin's biggest fan's and Justin is thankful to have had his support for so many years.