Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Calhan Raceway: 10/10/15 – 305 Race – Best Yet!

It was great to be back out in Calhan (El Paso County Raceway) this last Saturday. This track is only about a half hour from our house…Gotta love being able to drive home after the race! We always enjoy that many family and friends are able to make it to this race since it’s basically in our backyard. Many people showed up to cheer Justin on for his last 305 race of the year.
The track put together a fun intermission and allowed the kids down on the track to have a bicycle race. Jaedon, April's 10 year old nephew joined in on the action. He came is 3rd place and was shocked that he was beat by a girl in his age class. He had a blast being down on the track and getting to see what Uncle Justin sees when he races. Fun event!
 Justin pulled #8 pill which placed him 2nd row inside for his qualifying heat. The track was ridiculously bumpy and not prepped well so everyone took hard bumps and hits without even running into each other! At the drop of the green flag, Justin immediately jumped to the front of the pack, following the #18 for a second place finish. He then ran a trophy dash for top positions with 4 other drivers, taking 3rd place so he started inside 2nd row for the main feature.

The main event turned into a wreck-fest due to the crappy track with giant canyons and mud banks along with some aggressive driving. Thankfully Justin was able to outmaneuver many of the drivers and avoid some crazy pile-ups! He drove his way to the front and was soon caught in lap traffic. After another caution was thrown, we were disappointed when they put lap cars in front of us with the leader only a few positions away. The lap cars caused another wreck which Justin masterfully dodged and yet again they put these out of control drivers in front of us. Arg! Justin soon charged his way around them and barreled down on #18, Jeff Geig, who Justin always seem to find himself next to. The two of them rules the front of the pack until another caution was thrown with only 1 lap to go. They did a green/white/checker and on turn 2 Justin dove down to get around Jeff only to run into a wall of mud which caused his car to bounce around. Thankfully he was able to get it under control but it was too late to catch the #18. Congrats to Jeff on his first win!

2nd is our best finish yet and hard earned! We had a great night and enjoyed the success!

The rest of the crazy guys went out for a “wingless” sprint race at the end of the night which we defiantly opted out of due to the cars not being set up both winged and non winged. It is unsafe and insane so we watched them bounce and spin around the track and were happy to not be involved in the craziness.
Great ending for the 2015 season! Thanks again to everyone. We could not do this without you all.

To God be the Glory!