Monday, June 28, 2010

Wyoming Race Weekend- The best and the worst

Casper Speedway
We pulled into the half-mile semi-banked track with high expectations for the night. This was our first race with the Thunder in the Hills 360 Sprint division. Justin started 3rd row, outside in the first heat for the night. He made quick time of getting into the forth position when a car pushed into Justin and flipped himself over the backend of the #05. This was one of the best heat races that he has driven. The car was incredibly fast and Justin enjoyed riding the cushion around the corners.

Justin finished a strong forth in his heat, which started the A-feature in the second row, third position. He had an amazing start quickly jumping into the competition when the forth place starter dove down and spun out directly in front of the #05.
All in all it was a great night for Shadow Racing Team.

Sweet Water Speedway
Saturday morning we rebuilt the car in the motel parking lot before making the trek to Rock Springs. We pulled into our pit stall with even higher expectations for this night. Justin’s good buddy Rusty drove up from Utah to check out his first sprint car event. He was thrilled to be a part of the team and took part in pushing Justin to the staging area on the quad he fixed up for us. Thanks Rusty, we treasure your friendship!

Justin’s hot lap session was “a taste of heaven” and crazy fast! He started outside pole in his heat race. Four laps into a 10 lap heat race…the car broke. Once again our night was over before we intended it to be. What have we learned from this weekend? It seems now that we are so fast…we are breaking stuff!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seeking sponsorship support and team owners.

I write to you from my race shop in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. I’m the owner/ driver of the Shadow Racing Team #05 Stevenson/USA Performance/To God Be the Glory 360 ASCS Sprint car. I’m currently 18th in the mid-west points battle. In 2008, I made the leap from 10 hp Dirt Go Karts to the 700 hp winged Sprint Cars of the ASCS Rocky Mountain Region. I progressed up through the field to finish out the season 9th in points. After a limited slate of events in 2009 that included just seven starts, I made the decision to take on the ASCS Midwest Region in 2010.

My team doesn’t have the large budgets that the high-end teams do, but that isn’t stopping me from competing with many national tour drivers. We’ve had extremely strong finishes and I look forward to being a contender for the rest of the season. I’ve only competed in 40 races from 2008-2010, and have been praised as a natural. I’m extremely fast and know the importance of taking care of the equipment. If you’re looking for a young driver, I’m 25 years young and the man for the job! I have my own crew including my crew chief/engineer as well as a retired WOO driver coach/chassis specialist, and my own marketing director.

I have an emergency situation! I was preparing the car for the upcoming weekend race in Eagle, Nebraska and I found engine parts scattered throughout the engine block. I’m seeking sponsorship to purchase a new engine to continue my seat time and career development. I’m also interested in driving for other owners as well. If you are a team owner or know of a team that needs an up and coming Sprint car driver, please check out my website: or email

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nebraska Memorial Day Races

Thursday 5/27: I-80 Speedway
On the drive out of Colorado God blessed us with incredible views all the way in to Nebraska. The sun shined on the Air Force Academy Chapel and then we drove along the outside of an incredible storm. There was an amazing twister cloud and hail that just edged us.

We were on the way to Greenwood just outside of Ft. Kearney, Nebraska when one of the trailer tires blew out. As we were changing the tire, a Nebraska sheriff lectured us about the truck laws of his state. We then headed to Kearney to get a new tire and a spare after this being our forth blown tire. It quickly was discovered that we had to check each other for wood ticks.

When we arrived at I80 we heard of the sad news about the sprint car great Jessie Hockett. Justin had begun a friendship with Jessie after his time down with the World Nationals. They had been e-mailing and Jessie was great about mentoring Justin in the ways of racing. We were all saddened to lose such a great ambassador in the sprint car world. We will continue to pray for Jessie’s family and friends during this time of loss.

That night Justin was second row of his heat and almost everyone he was with was from the National Circuit. The car was setup way too loose and at such a fast track he was quickly pulled to the back and finished 7th. So he started at the back of the B and finished 8th. Overall good night with some great guys.
Friday 5/28: McCool Junction
We did the routine maintenance on the car in the hotel parking lot and then drove about an hour west to the next track and got all set up. First time at this track and Justin started inside pole and finished last. The crew did a great job making some major adjustments to the car under fast pace setting of getting ready for the B feature. We then only missed the A main by 2 spots discovering engine problems during the b main which cost us the race.
Saturday 5/28: Eagle Raceway
The next day after cleaning up the car at a car wash, we started working on the car again. The crew found the problem with the engine and made the needed adjustments, tuned the chassis and headed back east for our third race of the weekend. This race was out of the ascs sanction so it was mostly local drivers. The track pits were really packed and it was very hot outside. This track had an impressive following of race fans and the stands were packed out. Since we came in with no points, they started Justin at the very back of his heat race. He had the transfer spot but spun out so had to race the b feature, third row. Justin fought a very tough 10 laps keeping the needed transfer position to the A feature where he started last place and ended up 17th. We’ll be back to the track in a few weeks to run with the National tour guys. Justin’s brother Nick, who is one of Justin’s biggest supporters, will be flying in to watch this one.