Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aztec Speedway, NM

To God be the Glory!!
God has been so good to us with provision for every race, protection and guidance. He continues to amaze us as we walk this journey of learning, growing and shining for him. This racing team belongs to Him and it becomes more obvious every day that we could not do this without Him.

We drove 7.5 hours straight and were amazed at the views over Monarch Pass. We we got to the track, we started setting up and getting the car ready. What an awesome track! So professional and knowledgeable. They even prayed before each race! There was another series there with us so we got hang with some truly professional people. We were by far the smallest rig around and could not believe the rigs that kept rolling in. From semi trucks to these giant haulers which were complete with flat screens, leather, full bathrooms and such. But also cost $600 to fill their diesel tanks compared to our $100.

We got to know some people and J already had a safe driver reputation so he had people coming up to him. This group is great! Many of them have taken a liking to us and are flowing with info and help. Friday Justin still wanted to stay at the back of the pack and discovered the difference a good track can make. He got a good feel for the car and decided to pull a pill the next day. They kept messing up his name from Wolfendock to Merdock but now call him Wolf-Medlock and has been dubbed The Wolf a few times.
We put up the EZ-UP because it was so hot out. Tazzer wondering what I was doing.

We stayed the night at a KOA up the road but did not get there until midnight. It was kinda like something out of a bad movie but we were so tired we didn’t really notice until the next day. The next day at the track was awesome!! He also pulled a great pill and was in the first heat, second row. He discovered that he was in the same heat as Johnny Herrera who used to be a World of Outlaw driver. He dominated the weekend and even came up to Justin and complimented his rookie skills and gave him some pointers. There was a girl driver who’s car stalled out after she came out off the track. She jumped out of her car to push along with a push car and fell under the racecar and got ran over! She bruised ribs and broke her nose. Poor girl!Anyways, Justin placed in the B Main and did incredibly well. They only took the top 4 to the A main and he placed 5th. Arg!!
I thought he’d be upset but after he came in he was hooting and hollering because he finally ‘road the cushion’ and totally felt the car at it’s finest. Sprint cars perform best at high speeds and he finally got there. Riding the cushion is when the outside tires groove into the piled edge dirt and get sling shot around the corner. He was thrilled! Right now he stands 15 out of 35 drivers in points which rocks!!
Justin’s parents, Hank and Pat, have committed to joining us at every race. They are a huge help and we are so blessed by their willingness, commitment, and support. They have been there since Justin’s first days of karting and stand beside me as we cheer Justin on. It has been quite a treat watching Justin and his dad work together on the car while Pat and I try to keep things clean and organized. We all make a great team and we are blessed!

Justin and his dad waiting for the main event.

That night after the race we drove to Bayfield Colorado and stayed the night at a gorgeous resort.
Are we there yet?

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