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Gillette Wyoming- Accident 8/14/2010

Justin Wolf Medlock UPDATE-
Just to let everyone know, we are now released to share our story with the public. Please pass on this inspirational story to as many people as you can to not only share about the awesomeness of our God but to also warn them about the dangers of drunk driving. This will also help us get back on the road. Thanks so much!

Disaster on the Highway

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It is an absolute miracle that members of the Medlock family are alive today. On a Saturday afternoon, our team was driving to Gillette Wyoming to attend a racing event. We were all in high spirits after a great night of racing in Casper the night before, with Justin taking his first top five finish.

Our elation in accomplishing a part of our dream that had taken years to cultivate soon turned to devastation when that same dream was snuffed out by one person’s carelessness in only a few seconds. But at mile marker 88 our lives changed forever.
From Justin:
I was heading northbound on highway 59, paying attention to all the cars around me as I usually do, when I saw a Toyota truck heading off the road and then all the sudden jerk toward the middle of the road and into my lane, heading straight for us. Afraid that our trailer was going to blast right through us if we hit head-on, I began pulling my truck to the side of the road, slowing down. The Toyota truck was on two wheels when it passed our truck and slammed into the end of our trailer. This collision pushed us off the highway and caused the trailer to surge forward, smashing us from behind.My truck and trailer then separated, causing our truck to suddenly jack-knife to the left, slamming us into the trailer, which then threw our truck in a roll. I could hear April screaming out prayers to God to help us while the trailer continuously slammed down on top of us, as we were battered and thrown around in the truck. This all happened in slow motion for me, with thoughts of wondering if we’d survive this and here goes everything I’d ever worked for.
From April:
Once we came to a stop, I found that I had smashed my head and face on the front consol. Panic and adrenaline quickly set in. I realized our dog Tazzer had been thrown from truck. Justin yelled at me to get out in fear of explosion because of the gas jugs and race fuel. I fell out of the crushed door’s window and began yelling for Tazzer, seeing him about 50 yards from the crash scene. I ran barefooted through the weeds and rocks, cutting up my feet. All I wanted was to get to him, and when I did, I broke down in sobs, thankful he was alive.

I was overcome by both the carnage and the miracle of everyone being alive. The trailer completely smashed the entire back end and even the cab, leaving only small areas above our heads to survive. Our angels were working overtime.

From Justin:
April was going after our dog, I then wondered where mom and dad were, thinking that they should have been up to me by now to help us. Then my heart stopped when I saw dad’s truck. I cried out when I saw dad, covered in blood, hanging out of the front seat which was now sideways with the door ripped off. I could see where the other person’s truck had started at their front headlight, tore down the side, and then smacked their trailer, snapping it right off the hitch and sending our ATV into a field.

We were then taken to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a broken neck. Each doctor that has seen my results has told me that I could have easily been paralyzed. I was also concerned for my wife, who was covered in dirt and blood. Then we found out how bad my dad was–he had major internal damage and had to have immediate surgery. It was devastating to not only have lost everything I had worked for since my childhood, but also to have my dad being at death’s door while my mother sat in shock as we tried to explain what was going on.
From April:
We had to stay in a grungy hotel with no personal belongings. We had only the clothes that we wrecked in which were ripped and bloody and had only a few items that we scavenged from the truck wreckage. Everything else was locked in the rig in a wrecking yard somewhere. We both woke up around midnight in extreme physical and emotional pain, feeling such sorrow and loss. I never realized how thankful I would be for the hotel’s Gideon Bible. Our dreams, hard work, money, late nights, years of saving, working, planning…all destroyed on the side of the road that day. Years of work— smashed in minutes!

We were trapped in Gillette for days, in and out of the hospital, without a vehicle, waiting on the status of Justin’s neck and also checking on his dad and having to start dealing with insurance and wrecking yards. I was very concerned about our dog, as he was in so much pain and moving slowly. The trailer and truck were obviously totaled, the trailer had to be unloaded into a U-Haul for a long drive home which was a painful, sad trip, as we left our dreams and hopes behind in the wrecking yard.From Justin:
My chest still tightens up when I see old photos of the truck or trailer. I feel like we lost an old friend in the truck and that it gave its life for us that day. And losing the trailer feels like our house burned down.
I am thankful to be alive, but I still spend every night and day thinking about everything that was taken away from me and how—if—we’ll be able to replace it. I often wonder if the woman who did this to us feels any remorse, either for the decisions she made or how she ruined so many lives that day. If nothing else, I can thank God that she is in jail and off the roads so there is no chance for her to kill someone else or their dreams.
From April:
Words cannot explain how this event has impacted our lives in so many horrible ways. I give glory to God alone for rescuing us that day and am thankful to be alive to tell this story.

Praising God for the many miracles that He worked that day and continues in our lives. We know without an absolute doubt that our angels were at work on Highway 59. Please pray for physical and spiritual healing as we navigate this long road to recovery.

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