Thursday, August 7, 2008

North Platte Nebraska

Justin’s good friend Tim and his family live 10 minutes from this track so they invited us to stay with them. We had such a good time hanging with them out plus Tim and his dad are drivers themselves. Both have raced all sorts of race cars but sprints are one of their favorites. So their knowledge and help was so very appreciated.

Tim also is a professional photographer and owns Tim O’Neill Studios. It was so cool to have him at the track with us as he took many incredible photos for us. The following photos were all gifted to us from us. Thanks Tim!

This track was very flat with just a slight bank to it. It was really dry which resulted in many spin outs and people driving off-road. This also created a lot of dust and made it hard to see in some turns. But Justin says that this is the best his car has handled and was thrilled to be able to get on it and actually challenge himself and the car.

Justin right after a spin out. Thankfully he didn’t hit this guy who spun out first. It was great to see J right in the action and getting aggressive for positions.

Tim set it up for me to ride with one of the push cars. I had a blast!! This also allowed for me to hangout in the middle of the track since the push cars waited there until needed. When a car spun out or people had to stop under a caution it was our job to get everyone going again. The car I was in always beeline it for Justin. I would then get to encourage Justin and sometimes rock the car into gear. Here I am all ready to push J out for his heat.

Justin and his dad walking the track. Such a great photo!

Justin talking to Bob, who is a sprint car veteran. He has gained great knowledge and information from these guys and is thrilled to be driving next to some of these pros. Bob also taught Justin a valuable lesson while on the track about holding his position and not giving up his spot. This photo also shows me and Tazzer hanging with other drivers and crew. They all love Tazzer!

When the track was ready to get the Sprints out for their main event they had all the drivers sign a Frisbee. They then threw them into the crowd and if you had the Frisbee of the winning driver, you won some money. Cool!

Justin and Chad during their heat. Go guys!!

Getting ready for the heat and then the main event.

Receiving some encouragement and advice.

After the race. Tired but excited about the day. We are now 9th in points and ready for Hollywood Hills!

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